Friday, February 24, 2012

OMG - something positive!!

"Diagnosis:  Functional (flow) murmur:  We did not identify a hemodynamic source of Scruffy's heart murmur and this murmur is not associated with any structural defect.  Sometimes murmurs can be heard with other disease states or secondary to stress (fight or flight response.)  No therapy is indicated for this murmur.

Diet:  Please ensure that ScruffyPumpkinPattyPaws is eating and drinking.

Treatment:  No cardiac medications are indicated at this time.

Restrictions:  None."

Whoppee.  And I liked this doctor, too.  She was very accessible, and nice to Scruffy, and willing to take time to answer my questions.  (I was somewhat less fond of her when I paid the bill and it was $507.  That's over $1000 in two days.  If you could see me now, you'd know that I'm shaking my head in utter amazement.)

The ultrasound showed a totally normal heart.  The doctor said that sometimes as cats get older, the position of their hearts in their chests can change, which can cause slight murmurs.  His blood pressure was also normal - 140mmHg.  No restrictions on fluid administration, either, which is good news for the CRF.

She suggested that we return in 4-6 months for a recheck echocardiogram to monitor for any progressive changes as a result of his anemia.    We'll see.....

They brought Scruffy out in his carrier and put him in an exam room, and then came to get me from the waiting room.  They left me with him to wait for the cardiologist to come to talk to me.  I looked in the carrier, and Scruffy was sitting in his kitty pi with his back to me.  And nothing I could do or say would convince him to turn around.  He's quite the expressive little fellow, isn't he? He never turned around at all until we were in the car and on our way home.  :-)

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