Monday, March 30, 2009

Scruffy's snuffly....

This has been going on since last August - and possibly even earlier. I just remember August because the ophthalmologist wanted whatever's going on in The Puffer's sinuses cleared up before the laser surgery. He gave me a prescription for - rats, can't remember what antibiotic it was (Zithromax - the ophthalmologist looked it up at the next appointment), but it cost like $5 a pill because they prescribed the brand name - and increased the amount of lysine. That seemed to work for a couple of weeks, and then everything started over again. Scruffy's been on clavamox twice since the beginning of December, 08, and he's still really miserable. I know at least a portion of it is herpes, since he's having these really extended periods of reverse sneezing. But he's also got a drippy nose. No watery right eye, though. Which may have something to do with the laser surgery; who knows?

Dr. G (regular vet) suggested giving Scruffy 1/4 chlortrimeton pill, which does seem to dry him up somewhat. I don't know if there's a warning about using it for the long term, though. We have an ophthalmologist appointment next week, so I can at least ask Dr. B what he thinks. What worries me is the possibility that there's something more going on in his sinuses. I wonder if an xray would show anything? He's still getting double lysine twice a day; it hasn't seemed to help.

I realized the other day that it's my fault that Scruffy has all those orange "Fractious" warnings on his folders at various vets' offices now - I don't think I ever thought to tell any of the vets that he has NEVER allowed anyone to touch his big thick tail, and now he's clearly having pain/discomfort in his hips. They're probably trying to drag him out of his carrier and he's reacting uncooperatively because it hurts him. I feel really bad. He used to be the most mellow cat ever born. Nothing bothered him. I did ask Dr. G. to xray his hips, but he didn't want to anesthetize Scruffy just for the xray. (Or maybe he just doesn't want to risk being ripped to shreds?) If his head clears enough to have a dental, I guess we can combine all the various xrays with it and do everything at once.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Unintended result.......

There has been a sudden surge of people looking here at that horrible picture of the cat with the incredible eye disease from "". It just seemed kind of odd. I was never able to find out if the complaint I made at the cheezburger site about the picture got any follow up, and if it was removed.

The other day, in an idle moment, I googled "cat eye" or words to that effect, and sure enough, there was that stomach-turning picture. ONLY - Scruffy's blog address was underneath it! Like I was the person who posted that obscenity. Now I don't know WHAT to do about it. It's presumably up there on Google for eternity, so it wouldn't do any good to remove it from the blog, would it? This is obviously a PRIME example why you shouldn't post naked pictures in your blog, or pictures of crimes being committed, or whatever.