Sunday, November 1, 2009


Of course, I have to annoy the boy cats (not the girls, because they're way too vicious, and the kittens are too uncooperative) - with Halloween costumes. It's been a couple of years since we dressed up for the occasion, and no one is any happier now than they were the last time. I don't care if they're annoyed; they're so darn cute.

On to the important things:

1) Started prozac on Tuesday, October 20, 2009. After a highly unsuccessful two and a half months on paxil. And Wonder of Wonders - it seems to be working! I have to admit to still having the occasional twinge when Scruffy heads off for unknown parts in the middle of his breakfast. But, I've seen him actually USING the litter box (or ONE of the 8 litter boxes I've got all over the stupid house!) every single day but two since we started. Okay, so now that I do the math, that's only 11 days, but it seems SO much longer. Sadly, I don't notice any particular improvement in the Fearsome Tootle's behavior, but maybe it will just take a little longer for the prozac to affect her.

2) Postcard to set up Scruffy's next ophthalmologist's appointment arrived in today's mail. If you look closely at his right eye in the Pumpkin Picture, you can see the distinct brown circle at its lower inside edge - that's the next iris melanosis. Which has darkened, become more distinctly circular, and gotten bigger since the last time I was able to get a picture of his eyes. (Missed having a picture to take to an appointment with Dr. B for the first time in three years!) He's to be scheduled for a January or February appointment. I guess we'll aim for January. I hate the thought of all this potentially starting again.

3) Still no dental. And he's had some pretty horrifying numbers occasionally - the worst was a 188, out of the blue and presumably some hours after he'd eaten. (Although I think that he may have gotten trapped downstairs by/with Tootie, which would be a good reason for increased glucose levels. We had a brief, very brief period of about a week when the herpes seemed to have taken a vacation. I should have hiked him down to the vet's immediately and had the dental done. But, I didn't, partly because of inertia and other stuff that had to be done, and partly because I am thinking that he's going to need complete blood work, as well as xrays of his hips and lungs. The thought of dragging him down there twice was just more than I could bear. But, given the potential of needing a dental's likelihood of screwing up his OTJ status, I know it HAS to be done. Soon....

Anyway, it was a very quiet, damp, chilly Halloween here in The Land of Kitty Delight.