Sunday, July 26, 2009

"Inappropriate Elimination...."

or, a less emotionally-charged way of saying, Scruffy's peeing all over the house. I've added two more large cement-mixer litter boxes, and variety of cardboard boxes - love those priority mail packages! - as hopeful obstacles to his use of any of the six or seven target sites I know for sure he's used. (I hate to even contemplate how many other places he may have "visited." )

I am inclined to think that this is a behavioral thing, rather than an infection of some sort, mostly because 1) he's NEVER had a UTI, despite three blockages that required surgery years ago, and 2) I know he hates the kittens in the bedroom. And, if a good and loving and safe home for all five of the little sweeties would turn up tomorrow, I would let them go in a heartbeat, although it would kill me. But, for now, they're here and he's here and we can't have this "inappropriate elimination" thing going on. Period.

I made an appointment for him to have a cystocentesis tomorrow afternoon. I asked the technician if she knew if the vet DID them, and it became apparent that she didn't know what I was talking about. Scruffy is NOT fond of Dr. G. Scruffy is the proud possessor of The Massive Fluffy Tail That Must NEVER Be Touched. I don't know how this procedure is done, but I'm sort of hoping that it involves the use of anesthetic gas of some sort, for the sake of the well-being of all of those involved.....

One last sad thing - I think I will have to stop and buy another carrier this afternoon on my way to my mother's house. The only one I have that's big enough for Scruffy's tubby little body is the carrier that my sweet MommyKitty died in last week. I don't think I can use it, ever again. Even with Scruffy's own kitty pi inside. It's too painful a reminder of her loss, and I can't deal with it now. Or ever, probably.

This is my sweet MommyKitty, who will stay in my heart always. She should have lived a long and happy life, being cherished and loved.

I would sincerely appreciate three or four days without any sort of crisis, if anyone Up There is listening.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Good news eye appointment!

This was the fourth post-laser surgery appointment with the ophthalmologist. (And the only one that I didn't have a picture of the eye to give him! Despite my best efforts - I am the queen of blurry photography.) Scruffy's left eye has changed fairly significantly over the past few weeks - the shape and color of the small, martini-glass shaped "attachment" between the pupil and the edge of his eye are both improved; the size and shape of the attachment are smaller, and it's a lighter shade of brown than it has been. His pupil is still pulled out of shape by the adhesion that formed after the surgery, but his eye still looks better.

Other good news - normal eye pressure is between 10-20/under 25; Scruffy's measured 10 in the right eye and 12 in the left, so glaucoma is not a current concern. The retina and other eye structures were all normal, and his vision is apparently unimpaired. I had noticed some squinting - including an alarming experience where he hopped up on the table beside my chair and his left eye was completely closed! But, there didn't appear to be any particular problem going on. Because of the adhesion's effect on his pupil's ability to change shape, he's more sensitive to light in that eye, but daylight/low lamplight doesn't seem to cause discomfort. Although at the last visit, both of his eyes were somewhat dry, they were both acceptable this time. He is still to get the Flurbiprofen drops every two or three days.

Further good news is that the size of the newly developed melanosis in the right eye appears to have remained the same. Dr. B. did not feel that there were any changes to its appearance.

We were late for the appointment. Scruffy feels that he needs to supervise any showers I take, and while I was getting ready for the trip to the vet, I made the in credibly stupid mistake of including in my general conversation with him (well, he's there - I'm not gonna ignore him!) a comment about "going for a ride in the car." He didn't react immediately, but the minute I opened the bathroom door, he was gone like a flash. And no amount of bribery - even a piece of the dreaded dry kitten food wasn't effective! - could entice him to show his furry little face. I finally found him - after I'd already had to call and explain that we were not going to be on time - hiding behind the massive big screen tv downstairs. I can't move it, and there was no way to get behind it from either side. So, I tossed a magazine over the top of the tv - I don't know where exactly it landed, but I definitely heard Scruffy shuffle to the opposite end of the television. Two more magazines, and he showed up in grabbing-range at the side of the couch. He was more than normally "spitty" during the appointment. He hissed and spit at the technician and her newbie, at Dr. B., and at me, after I'd returned him and his favorite kitty pi to the carrier. And even after the door was closed, I could still hear the hissing. It must be hard to be small enough to be smooshed and carried around against your will. Anyway, he was happy to be home, and within minutes, was cheerfully sitting on the window ledge beside my computer, slurping at his paws and watching the birds.

The next appointment is not until November, barring changes in either eye. This was really good news.